Spice Library for simulation in Sedra

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1.  sedra_lib.olb : contains the symbols for the parts
2711364514.olb2.  sedra_lib.lib  : contains the SPICE netlist associated with each symbol

SPICE examples

A wizard will install the Capture Schematics, the SPICE device models, and the PSpice simulation files of the SPICE examples in Microelectronic Circuits, 5th ed.

The material installed is the same as that on the in-text Student CD, release 2.
If you have release 2, you do not need to download this material.

If you have the first release of the CD, you can download this material to update and correct the material you already have.

  • Change: Corrected the values of the model parameters for parts NMOS0P5 and PMOS0P5 in the sedra_lib.lib file to match the values given in Table 4.8 (p. 335) and used in the SPICE examples of the textbook.

If you already have the Sedra/Smith SPICE examples installed on your computer, only the original core SPICE files will be updated. Any new files you created yourself, including SPICE simulation data, will be preserved intact.


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