LTIVIEW opens an empty LTI Viewer.

The LTI Viewer is an interactive graphical user interface (GUI) for analyzing the time and frequency

responses of linear systems and comparing such systems.

See LTIMODELS for details on how to model linear systems in the Control System Toolbox.

LTIVIEW(PLOTTYPE,SYS1,SYS2,…,SYSN) further specifies which responses to plot in the LTI Viewer. PLOTTYPE may be any of the following strings (or a combination thereof):

         1) ‘step’           Step response

         2) ‘impulse’        Impulse response

         3) ‘lsim’           Linear simulation plot

         4) ‘initial’        Initial condition plot

         5) ‘bode’           Bode diagram

         6) ‘bodemag’        Bode Magnitude diagram

         7) ‘nyquist’        Nyquist plot

         8) ‘nichols’        Nichols plot

         9) ‘sigma’          Singular value plot

        10) ‘pzmap’          Pole/Zero map

        11) ‘iopzmap’        I/O Pole/Zero map


t=tf(1,[1,2,8]) %s^2 + 2 s + 8

사용자 삽입 이미지1. 화면 구성 설정 : ‘Edit -> Plot Configurations’
   – 화면 구성을 어떻게 나눌 것인지 설정하고, 각 부분에서 보일 항목을 선택

2. LTI Viewer 설정 : ‘Edit -> Viewer Preferences’ – 단위, 폰트나 색상, Simulation 구간 등 설정

3. 특성 보기 : 각 Plot 에서 마우스 우측 버튼을 누르고, ‘Characteristics’ 선택 후 아래 내용중 표시할 내용 지정
                   (‘Peak Response’, ‘Settling time’, ‘Rise time’, ‘Steady state’ 등…)

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